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NEW Book! The Spirit of Wealth
The Next Dimension of Prosperity & Abundance for Believers...
"It's God's will for you to live in prosperity instead of poverty. 
It's God's will for you to pay your bills and not be in debt." - Joel Osteen
What Is The Spirit of Wealth?
The Spirit of Wealth is not just another “how-to” book on saving a little money, retiring comfortably "someday" or figuring how to get out of debt.
It is NOT about sending more offerings to televangelists or ministries
— yet these secrets will help you reap an exponential harvest from the offerings you’ve already sown.
It is NOT about getting checks in the mail
— yet these secrets will drastically increase your income for the rest of your life more than any random, unexpected check in the mail could.
The Spirit of Wealth is A SHORTCUT.
“Not having enough” and lack are symptoms of a much BIGGER problem plaguing MILLIONS and MILLIONS of hardworking, Jesus-loving Christians (that’s the bad news), but it’s easy to fix (that’s the good news). 

Inside the book, you will find the actual Biblical solutions to unlocking the 30-, 60-, and 100-fold harvests Jesus promised EXCLUSIVELY FOR YOU. These are the same same principles used by Abraham to Jesus to Paul…and thousands of believers today. 

You now have access to the wisdom and understanding you need to take control of your money, your future and your purpose.
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"It's more than the magic of giving and God's going to bless you,"  
"This book is not for wimps. I'm not suggesting it's easy. Life is not easy.” - T.D. Jakes
“There’s no need for us to apologize for being blessed.”
“Money can be used to bless many people, relieve suffering and share the Gospel. It just depends on what our relationship is to money.” - Joyce Meyer
"God wants us to prosper financially, to have plenty of money, to fulfill the destiny He has laid out for us." - Joel Osteen

Introducing The Spirit of Wealth - The Next Dimension of Prosperity…
What People Are Saying About "The Spirit of Wealth" On..
Inside Of This Breakthrough Book, Here Are A Few Of The Secrets That You’ll Be Given…
  • The 3 core components of The Spirit of Wealth, and how to produce the harvest you desire... - p.iii
  • The controversial proof that you were born wealthy and how to tap into it... - p. xiii
  • The real reason Jesus wants you (and all Believers) wealthy and successful [hint: it's different than what you've been taught]... - p. 3
  • Why God doesn't measure “true wealth” by spiritual things like love, joy and peace… and if you do, you’ll sabotage your wealth potential... - p. 5
  • How to guard your heart so it won’t become toxic to attracting wealth in your life... - p. 6
  • The 13 misconceptions about money most people have and how it makes you allergic to abundance... - Chapter1
  • The Biblical wealth mindset that makes you darn-near magnetic to favor and abundance 24/7, 365... - p. 25
  • The shocking reason why wealth and success are meant to be in your life... - p. 25
  • The Biblical “economic emancipation proclamation” that will set you free from lack & poverty forever (without changing much)... - p. 26
  • How wealth and riches are a universal blessing in the New Covenant just like Salvation…and who you are and where you live doesn’t matter at all... - p. 28
  • Why God supports “get rich quick” strategies and how He orchestrated His very own (HINT: and why He wants to do the same for you)... - p. 33
  • The truth about “getting rich quickly” and why you should want to do it anyways (It's not why you think it is, either)... - p. 34
  • How the provision of wealth is a core principle of covenant with God for ALL believers...and how to claim your inheritance... - p. 36
  • How to release the Jabez blessing in your life to expand your revenue, influence and spiritual capacity... - p. 39
  • Exactly how to partner with God to create wealth in your life despite your current economic climate ... - p. 39
  • The explosive secret of worship that accelerates the overflow of money and resources in your life... - p. 42
  • 3 keys to partnering with Jesus for a money miracle that releases you into purpose and destiny... - p. 45
  • The true meaning of “purpose” and how not knowing it will cause you to malfunction for the rest of your life (HINT: 95% of people have this ALL wrong)... - p. 51
  • How to blow the limits off your true purpose and go farther than you ever thought possible (and set yourself up for an overflow of wealth and abundance in the process)... - p. 68
  • The 5 five unbreakable pillars of purpose that sustain Biblical wealth and abundance... - p. 70
  • How this hidden principle of goodness proves you can be as wealth and successful as you desire... - p. 85
  • How to discover your purpose in life and be 100% sure of it… even before you finish reading the book... - p. 85
  • The simple key to finding the perfect “environment” for causing wealth and success to spread in like a wildfire in your life... - p. 95
  • The MAJOR differences between purpose and assignment that you MUST know if you want to attract money quickly... - p. 101
  • How to discern your short-term and long-term assignments and maximize profitability from them... - p.103
  • The true, Biblical meaning of wealth that will change the way you view money and success forever... -p. 107
  • The organic nature of wealth and how creation proves the principle of unlimited abundance... - p. 107
  • How Jesus also came to explicitly make you wealthy (and His prayer that proves it)... - p. 108 
  • How to stop working too hard to make money (HINT:  not knowing this key will keep you a slave to money)... - p. 109
  • Why poverty and lack was never meant for you and how it abuses God's intention for you... - p. 111
  • How you (and every person alive) are blessed through Christ to be wealthy and successful all the days of your life... - p. 113
  • The uncanny truth why no one was created to be poor and how it’s a curse ONLY from the devil... - p. 117
  • The science of wealth Jesus gives to His disciples that you can use right now... - p . 118
  • The four unshakeable wealth triggers God established... - p. 126
  • The controversial reason why paying tithes and offerings alone will keep the promised blessings from overflowing in your life... - p. 135
  • The truest, most ancient way to give and then reap a 100-fold harvest on-demand... - p. 135
  • How the greatest givers become the greatest gainers and how you can become one, too... - p. 136
  • How to become a “pure” giver just like God and insure your life against poverty and lack... - p. 138
  • The formula how to be blessed from your giving (and the science why it has to work)... - p. 141
  • The reason most believers never break into wealth and remain stuck in lack…and how to never be one of them yourself... - p. 143
  • How the most popular verse about money is the most misinterpreted scripture and the BIGGEST reason why believers remain broke and have to struggle... - p. 148
  • The true definition of greed and (HINT: it doesn’t mean anything near what you’ve been taught it does)... - p. 146
  • How to 10X your giving and simultaneously 10X your harvest…and this has absolutely nothing to do with giving more money to a preacher or a ministry... - p. 155
  • And a bunch more...
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The Spirit of Wealth!
"Grab everything you can about this chosen vessel. He is the King Solomon of the present age - (I mean the wealth and wisdom part of King Solomon)..." - Dora T.
"So far so good. My brother is reading this book right now and it is so good you have to read it slowly because the information is so powerful to take in all at once. I am waiting patiently for him to finish. I am excited!..." - Naderah McCormick
"I found this book to be of excellent value and packed with so much information on how you can change your circumstances. It’s all about mind set at the end of the day, and you are ready as I am, there is so much to gain by living the principles provided in this book..."  - LaVern Brown
"I buy this book for anyone who tells me they want to enhance their lives… I buy it as an “out” for their situation(s), as well as, a test of their sincerity to genuinely want to change. I recommend this book to everyone in the world. it is genunienly one-of-a-kind. Unbelievably well-written, challenging and confrontational. It’s a life-changer. You have two choices: To purchase the book and change your life for the better or, not buy it and continue to whine..." - Chicaharon L.
"This is the book I needed to get me off the sideline of excuses and step into my destiny. If you know that something has been pulling on you and you’re ignoring it, this book will help you “face” that pull and provide the encouragement you need to “just do it...” - Em Patterson
"I ordered this book for my mother for her bday which was March 2nd. The book got to her before my card did and that I say was perfect timing! She loves the book! I got it for her so she can be encouraged as she starts her new business perfect gift for encouragement! Thank you!..." - KC
"This is one of my favorite books of all time. God was speaking to me, so much throughout this book. I was agreeing with Bryson and I highlighted, so many sentences. This book helped me to figure out what direction God is going to take me in my life. I of course don’t have it all figured out, but that’s okay because God knows. I highly recommend this book to everyone. Overall, I loved this book and I recommend it to everyone..." - Kirsten R.
"Definitely a good read for everyone I feel should do! Very inspirational and fulfilling. This book broadened my mindset to expand to new levels in life! Thanks Bryson!! Will spread the word to everyone I come in contact with. Great job, great job, great job!!..." - Jessica K.
"A great resource that allows you to tap into the power within, examine yourself, dispel limitations, and propels you forward. Reminds you that destiny awaits and ignites you to answer the call..." - Jerry Mundy
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